Personal Training

Personal Training

Montecito Heights offers personal training by appointment. Our trainers are nationally certified, friendly and creative. Personal Trainers provide excellent guidance and motivation for our members seeking an individualized workout session. We hire skilled, experienced trainers and have great confidence in them thus, we only allow our staff to train members in our facility.  Please contact Tracy Yancey our Fitness Director at 526-0529 x682 or e-mail tyancey [at] montecitoheights [dot] com to find a trainer that fits your needs.

Personal Trainer Biographies

Tracy Yancey, Certified Trainer and Interim Fitness Director

Education: Ceritfied Personal Trainer ACSM, AFAA, Group Fitness Instructor ACE, Master Trainer and Fitness Educator with Lebert Fitness
Specializes: Functional Training, Prenatal/postpartum, Weight Loss, Strength Training, Running
Athletic Background: Tracy has always had a love for movement She was a dancer through her youth. As an adult has found a love for running, yoga, circuit training and lifting.
Fitness Philosophy: Believes that movement and good nutrition are the best way to a healthy and full life!  She also believes there is no one right way to exercise and that anyone can find enjoyment in movement. She likes to help individuals find a plan that works for their preferences and lifestyle. For optimal fitness she strives to guide her clients to work in various fitness components that will keep them both engaged and challenged.

Cheri Shoults, Certified Trainer 

Helps match trainers with members to fit their needs and desired outcome.
Specializes in assisting others to lose weight through strength-building workouts.
Education: Athletic Trainer, ACSM certified Health and Fitness Instructor, ACE, Pilates, and Yoga.
Athletic Background: Recreational runner, cyclist , surfer, swimmer, and weight trainer. 
Fitness Philosophy:  Make fitness fun and keep at it!  Total fitness means having energy for a healthier, happier, more active life.  Everyday is another chance to start making healthy habits, balance is the key.
She enjoys life and loves to help others to their personal fitness goals.

Conci Mack, Certified Trainer

žFitness Philosophy: To empower internal motivation to exercise regularly, eat well, and live a healthy, enjoyable lifestyle.
Specialty: Those newer to strength training, older adult fitness, and functional training.
žCertificates: B.A. Biology, ACSM certified Personal Trainer and Exercise is Medicine credential level 1, AEA certified Aquatic Fitness Professional.
Athletics: I like to swim, cycle, run-walk, strength train, hike, backpack, yoga, ski, and golf :)


Debbie Beem, Certified Trainer

Specializes in beginning exercisers and pre/post natal women.
Education:   AS Animal Science and ACSM certified Health and Fitness Instructor. Spin certified instructor.
Athletic Background:  Recreational marathon runner.
Fitness Philosophy:  Keep it fun and enjoy the rewards. A healthy lifestyle should not be obsessive but a natural course to maintain physical independence.
She enjoys taking on the great outdoors on foot or bike. 

Jan Blalock, Certified Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor

Specializes in motivating others with functional and creative training programs.
Education:   BA Dance, ACSM Health & Fitness instructor. Functional restoration specialist.
Athletic Background: Former professional dancer and recreational runner. 
Fitness Philosophy:  Try everything! Yoga, Pilates, dance, weight training, and sports until you find something you like. Have fun and make daily activities part of your balanced/ healthy lifestyle. She loves teaching dance and group exercise for ages 2-80 in many settings


Phil Krohn, Certified Trainer

Specializes in sport specific training and getting the “most” from time spent at the club 
Education:  BA in Rec Administration-Phys. Ed., M.A. in Rec. Adm. ACE cert. , Lifetime Jr. College Credential
Athletic Background: Tennis-Western Conference Champ. So-County Champ-Tournaments for 40 years.
Fitness Philosophy:  Find the exercise or sport that you “like” doing and motivate yourself to workout on a regular basis. He enjoys working out and playing tennis. Owned and operated Countryside Racquets Club for 20 years.

Jenny Latourette, Certified Trainer, Spin Instructor and Certified Massage Therapist 

Specializes in energizing results oriented programs for the busy individual.  
Education:  BA Anthropology, ACE certified, Spin certified and Certified Massage Therapist 
Athletic Background: Swim team, trail running, karate, triathlon, cycling, adventure racing, and backpacking.
Fitness Philosophy:  Dedicate 3-5 hours a week to yourself and your health.  Find energizing enjoyable lifetime activities that relax the mind and strengthen the body.   
She loves to backpack, get massage, experiment in the kitchen, read science fiction, yard sales and yoga. 

Diane Madero, Certified Trainer

Specializes in pre/post-rehab, Tabata training, Yoga, and Conditioning classes.
Education:  AA General Studies and ACSM certified Health and Fitness Instructor
Athletic background:  Honolulu marathon as well as many 10 and 12k’s, Seattle to Portland Bike ride twice, considers her biggest accomplishment climbing Mt Whitney in a day (hardest thing I’ve ever done).
Fitness philosophy:  Eat mostly clean and be thankful everyday that you have a body that allows you to move.  Don’t take this beautiful thing we call a body for granted, commitment and consistency will keep you healthy.
Walking my two dogs have taken the place of riding and running but plans on getting back to cycling soon.

James Rogers, Certified Trainer and Physical Therapy Assistant

Specializes in post-rehabilitation training and people unsure of how to get started in the gym.
Education:  AA General Studies and ISSA certified.
Athletic Background:  Baseball and football at JC, also mountain biker, recreational runner and gym rat.
Fitness Philosophy:  Make fitness a lifelong priority to feel healthier, stronger, happier and more energetic.
He enjoys nature, meditation, music, collects baseball cards and has been a movie “extra” four times.

Layne Scoggins, Certified Trainer and Spin Instructor

Specializes in new triathletes
Education: Level 1 USAT Coaching Certificate
Athletic Background: Triathlon six time finisher, multiple age award winner. 
Fitness Philosophy:  Sweat a little every day and make fitness fun!
First triathlon I thought I was soing to die, but once I crossed the finish line I was hooked!

Jake Wade, Certified Trainer

Specializes in strength and balance training, injury rehab training and adult and teen sports specific training.
Education:  NASM Certified Personal Trainer, SRJC Fitness, Nutrition & Health
Athletic Background: Tennis, baseball, mountain biking and powerlifting.
Fitness Philosophy:  My goal is to make anyone regardless of age or gender comfortable doing new activities in the gym in a safe and effective manner. Having a well rounded workout routine that consists of weight/strength training and cardiovascular training is an ability I feel everyone should be able to take advantage of. Whether you've been working out for 20 years or 20 days my objective is to make you comfortable in any part of the gym and reaping the benefits of all different types of movements and equipment we have to offer. My philosophy is simple,  I will make you work hard to progress towards your goals, we will have a great time during our sessions and you will get results if you put in the effort!


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