Study and Sports Club

Study and Sports Club



How will Montecito Study & Sports Club Work?

OVERALL: We need a minimum of 12 participants to run Montecito Heights Study & Sports Club. (MSSC)

Students will be divided into two groups determined by their Zoom time schedule provided by their individual SRCS school. They will complete their scheduled Zoom classes as well as their daily tasks given to them by their teacher. While one group is in their Zoom classes, the other will be participating in a usual day of camp. Including tennis, swimming, crafts, and other games.  


We are offering Montecito Study & Sports Club to…

  • All elementary school students, starting with K through 6th grade


Per the State and County guidelines…

  • There will be a total of 20 club spots
  • Participants will be divided into 2 small groups of 10
  • Groups will be divided by their established schedule of Zoom lessons


MSSC will run like a normal school day... 

  • 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday
  • There is no half-day option (your child may attend club for half-day but we are unable to prorate tuition)
  • We will be running clubs on a month to month basis, as we are all unsure of when in-person classes will resume
  • We will be closed on the normal school holidays and closure days.

TUITION: The tuition per month will change by the number of days your child will be in club per month. Rates on left are for active members of Montecito Heights Health Club. Non-members and inactive club members pay rates on the right. 

  # instructional days Full Time  Part time (# days listed in) Drop-In (48 hrs. notice)
September 21 days $1890/$2100 $1050/$1150 (10 days) $125/$140
October 22 days $1980/$2200 $1155/$1265 (11 days) $125/$140
November 15 days $1350/$1500 $840/$920 (8 days) $125/$140
December 14 days $1260/$1400 $735/$805 (7 days) $125/$140

SIGN-UPS. Enrollment will be done through Montecito’s website beginning August 1st

  • You will enroll one time to secure your spot for the month. 
  • If you wish to drop your enrollment, we require a 14 day written notice
  • If in-person classes resume in the middle of a month, you will be refunded for the remainder of the month’s tuition
  • Drop In rates are available based on availability. We do require 48 hour notice.


During the scheduled Zoom time... 

  • There will be one Academic Leader and one Assistant to ensure students are ready for the start of their class
  • They will also troubleshoot any problems that may arise during the Zoom calls. 
  • The Academic Leader and Assistant will also be there to help the students with any work or questions they may have
  • Academic Leaders and Assistants will be available to help students complete and problem solve their assignments
  • All students must bring their own laptop


  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Kids Fitness (agility, balance, coordination games)
  • Games, crafts, and experiments
  • Drama, cooking and music


DISCOUNTS: We are providing a 20% discount to children of teachers and front line/essential workers.

Families with multiple children will receive a discount for multiple enrollments.  

You cannot combine discounts.