Spa Specials

Spa Specials

July Spa Specials

Eminence's Stone Crop Body Scrub $100 (50min)

The Stone Crop Body Collection-A collection that reduces stress, smooths and contours skin, and promotes healing from head to toe.
This full body, brisk dry exfoliation is followed by the application of:
Revitalizing Body Scrub-Invigorates & Exfoliates
Stone Crop Body Oil-Soothes & Hydrates
Contouring Body Cream-Reduces Cellulite & Increases Circulation.

CBD Antioxidant Facial $115 (50min)

Our Essential Wellness Facial using California made Cordial Organic's CBD Products. 

Why CBD?  There’s been a bit of a revolution in the world of beauty. Consumers have grown tired of putting harsh, often unrecognizable ingredients on their skin. They’ve been searching for an approach to skin care that’s healthier, more natural, and that produces beautiful results without being packed with chemicals. They’ve been speaking up, and mother nature has provided an answer.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is derived from the hemp plant and has become hugely popular in the natural beauty industry. CBD oil is packed with all the healing goodness of hemp but is more concentrated. High amounts of vitamin E and omega fatty acids are just part of what makes CBD so suitable for natural skin care.

Specials cannot be combined with any other promo/discount.