Nutrition & Wellness Coaching

Nutrition & Wellness Coaching

Paula Sandoval, MS, RDN, NSCA-CPT

Coaching Programs:

 The Single A one hour session that delves into your nutrition & health, highlighting important
areas where behavior & habits can be optimized to provide improved health and vitality.
 The Follow Up A shorter thirty minute session to follow with goals set during your initial session.
You may only purchase a follow up session if you have had a Single in the last 6 months.
The Continuation Need more guidance and check-ins. Regular sessions all start with the Single.
All packages must be used within a 12 month period.
Single  $  95.00
Follow Up  $  40.00
Single with 2 follow up sessions  $175.00
Single with 4 follow up sessions  $250.00
Single with 6 follow up sessions  $320.00

Monthly Unlimited - 1 follow up phone conversation per week and unlimited email
  (first month includes in-person Single and is charged at $200.00)


Please call fitness director: Cheri Shoults at 303-3311 or cheri [at] montecitoheights [dot] com