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We offer extended care after Tennis/Swim Club from 3-5pm. Please choose the days you need. $12 per day or $40 per week

Lunch is offered from the Flamingo Hotel for $12 per day or $48 per week

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We are very excited to be able to open for Tennis/Fitness Club programming this year and to provide this service to families in our community who need childcare and to children who need outdoor time more than ever. Our ability to run this program is based on closely following the local and state health orders as well as guidance from CDC and the American The Club Association.

This document outlines the theory and protocols behind providing childcare in a summer program setting with the lowest risk of spread of COVID19. It must be acknowledged, however, that the complete elimination of risk is not possible. We are confident that the steps we are taking will result in a low or limited risk environment for children, parents, and staff.

We must continue to operate as a community that watches out for each other’s safety as well as our own. One key part of maintaining a low risk environment is not only our actions on site, but each family’s actions when not at the Club. We encourage the Club families to adhere to health guidelines outside of Montecito Heights, to limit contact in other areas of life, to practice sanitation and to wear a mask when in public. If you, your child, or anyone you come into contact with shows symptoms of COVID19 you must refrain from attending our program, notify us immediately, and seek testing as soon as possible. How each family behaves outside of the Club directly affects every other child and family that you and your child come into contact with. We expect that all of our families will take this shared risk as seriously as we do.

We are committed to providing a fantastic summer program experience for every child.

In consideration for permission to enter upon and use the facilities and premises of Montecito Heights Health and Racquet Club (“MONTECITO”), I, for myself, and on behalf of the minor child identified above, our heirs, personal representatives and/or assigns, do hereby release, waive, discharge, and covenant not to sue MONTECITO, its owners and/or employees, from liability for any and all claims for personal injury, illness, death, property damage, or any other claim, including but not limited to claims arising out of the negligence of MONTECITO, its instructors, its employees or its agents. This waiver and release of liability applies to all MONTECITO activities, without limitation, regardless of whether participation is self-directed or organized and led by an employee or agent of MONTECITO. It is expressly agreed that MONTECITO shall not be liable for any injuries or any damages to any minor, or be subject to any claim, demand, damages or causes of action arising out of the use of, or occurring on, any MONTECITO premise or facility regardless of whether it was caused by the negligence of MONTECITO. This waiver and release is intended to be as broadly interpreted as allowed under California law.

Cancellation Policy:
A full refund will be issued if spot is cancelled 14 days or more prior to camp start day (by Sunday 2 weeks before camp start date)
50% refund for spots cancelled 8-13 days prior to camp start time (by Sunday 1 week before camp start date)
Absolutely no refunds will be issued if spot is cancelled 7 days or less before camp start date (Monday 1 week prior to camp start date)

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Photography Release Notification for Adults or Minor Children

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I further acknowledge that participation is voluntary and neither I, nor the minor children will receive financial compensation. I acknowledge and agree that publication of said photos confers no rights of ownership or royalties whatsoever.