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Membership applicant(s) acknowledges that the membership is a license entitling him or her to services and facilities provided by the Club. As such, the membership is non-proprietary and does not confer or carry with it any interest in the property or assets or liabilities or any right on the part of Members to participate in the management of the Club

** Membership Agreement (Please Read)

Membership Type

Please enter the date you wish to start your membership. Dues for the current month will be prorated based on start date.

Only for temporary memberships. Maximum 4 months. Will be billed monthly unless requested otherwise.

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Monthly Dues Payment Options

We have 3 options for paying your monthly dues:
1) Credit Card
2) Checking/Savings Account
3) Monthly Statement mailed to your home address (please add $5 per month)

Please select your preferred method for monthly billing

Credit Card Information

Please enter credit card information below if you prefer this method for your monthly billing

Please add bank information if you choose this method of payment for your monthly dues.

Each bank has a unique routing number which can be found on the bottom of a check or online on your bank's website

Initiation Fee Payment

Your initiation fee is due at the time of sign up. Monthly dues will be prorated based on your start date. If you provided credit card information for monthly dues payment we will use that card for the initiation and prorated dues. If you did not provide credit card information please do so here.

Thanks for submitting your application for membership to Montecito Heights. A representative from our Member Services team will contact you shortly with confirmation of receipt and the total amount due for the initiation fee and prorated monthly dues.