Leave of Absence

What is a leave of absence?

A temporary inactive break from the club. A member may put their membership on hold and not use the club during this time. This request applies to all family members on the membership. If other family members are to remain active please complete our Change of Membership Status form instead of this Leave of Absence form.

How long can I take a leave?
A leave can be granted for 1-6 months. The time period will be based on a calendar month. We will not be able to prorate your dues.
$25 per month
(If you are on our EFT system this fee will come out of your bank account.)
How do I request a leave?
A leave will be granted to any member whose balance is paid. The Leave of Absence form must be completed and sent to our bookkeeping department 7 days prior to the first month of your leave.
Seven (7) Day Notice: Requests for changes after this time may be subject to a $20 processing fee.
Other details?   
Members will NOT BE notified when the leave expires. Monthly dues will automatically be charged to the account when a leave of absence is finished. It is each member’s responsibility to fill out a new leave of absence or appropriate form if the leave is to be extended or the membership is to be canceled at the completion of the leave. This must be received 15 days prior to the completion of the leave.
Please note: final discretion to grant or deny a leave rests with management and must not be construed as a right of membership.

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