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We are very excited to be able to open for Tennis/Fitness Club programming this year and to provide this service to families in our community who need childcare and to children who need outdoor time more than ever. Our ability to run this program is based on closely following the local and state health orders as well as guidance from CDC and the American The Club Association.

This document outlines the theory and protocols behind providing childcare in a summer program setting with the lowest risk of spread of COVID19. It must be acknowledged, however, that the complete elimination of risk is not possible. We are confident that the steps we are taking will result in a low or limited risk environment for children, parents, and staff.

We must continue to operate as a community that watches out for each other’s safety as well as our own. One key part of maintaining a low risk environment is not only our actions on site, but each family’s actions when not at the Club. We encourage the Club families to adhere to health guidelines outside of Montecito Heights, to limit contact in other areas of life, to practice sanitation and to wear a mask when in public. If you, your child, or anyone you come into contact with shows symptoms of COVID19 you must refrain from attending our program, notify us immediately, and seek testing as soon as possible. How each family behaves outside of the Club directly affects every other child and family that you and your child come into contact with. We expect that all of our families will take this shared risk as seriously as we do.

First, we will outline specific steps being taken to limit the risk of COVID19 spread. Second, we will detail how these new precautions affect our normal the Club activities and changes you can expect to the programming that we normally offer.

If you have concerns about the new protocols or procedures or feel that with these changes our program is no longer a good fit for your family, please contact us ASAP. We will provide refund options for these circumstances 7 DAYS PRIOR TO THE START OF TENNIS/SWIM Club, but absolutely NO REFUNDS will be given within 7 days of the program start date. By registering your child for the Tennis/Swim Club, you acknowledge that there is a risk of contracting COVID19 and you assume this risk voluntarily. With this also come the possibility of the Club closure if a case were detected within the Club population. If the Club were to be shut-down due to a case of COVID19 we would NOT be able to afford to refund your payments for the cancelled weeks.

The basis of the regulations regarding operating summer programs during this time is the idea of groups of 10 or less. By strictly maintaining the integrity of these small groups (no changing in and out of group members and limited exposure to people outside the group) the people in the group can interact in close proximity, without masks or social distancing. Within each group the participants and their counselors can interact as normal. This significantly decreases risks of spread. With small groups, if a person were to contract COVID19, they would have likely only exposed the people in their group instead of every group and person at the Club. This is the most fundamental aspect of running a safe summer program environment.

• Groups will have a maximum of 10.
• Group members and staff will not rotate or move to other groups
• Group members must maintain minimum 6ft social distance between themselves and anyone NOT in their group.
• If a manager needs to interact with a staff member or if staff members need to talk to one another, they will do so with 6ft social distance and wear masks.
• Groups will go to activities as a group. This will result in some changes to how activities like tennis and swimming are scheduled.
• Upon arrival and departure times for days, children will wait only with their group.

Steps Taken to Ensure Group Integrity: (eliminating situations where one person comes into contact with people from multiple different groups)

• Only one group will be in any given activity area at a time, including pool.
• When physical contact is required between staff and the participant, only the counselors in the group can assist the participant. For example, normally our tennis pro would help participants with racquet grip. Now the tennis pro will maintain social distance and supervise while the group’s counselor gives the assistance.

Other Steps to Stop the Spread:

• The participant’s guardian will be asked a series of questions pertaining to symptoms and risks associated with Covid daily upon arrival
• There are special staff on site whose job is to sanitize. All activity areas and equipment will be thoroughly sanitized between each group’s use. Shared areas like bathrooms, will be sanitized regularly throughout the day.
• Adults should always have their masks accessible for when need to wear arises. Children are not required to wear masks, but you may have them bring one if desired.
• Adults needing to speak to the administrator will do so one at a time. While waiting in line adults must maintain 6 feet distance between each other. You must wear a mask inside the club. As much as possible you should opt for phone or email communication to reduce in person contact.
• Avoid bringing extra persons with you for pick up and drop off. Only one adult should bring a child to the Club. Other family members should stay home when possible

Changes to Normal Programming You Need to Know

• Professional photos will not be available this year. We will have staff take at least one photo of their group and provide a digital photo to parents free of charge.
• The club will not provide snacks or popsicles this year. Children must bring their own snacks.
• Lunch is available for purchase otherwise all participants will need to bring their own lunch.
• Children may not swim every day since only one group can be in the pool at a time, we expect that each group will swim 2-3 times per week. This will be on your child’s schedule that you receive at the beginning of the week.
• Absolutely no group changes will be allowed once a child has been in a group.
• We will not be able to offer early drop off or late pick up this year. It is not logistically or financially feasible. If you have already paid for this you will be refunded. If this change means that you can no longer send your child to the Club, we will refund your registration.
• All campers will receive a craft kit at the beginning of the week which will include their own scissors, glue, etc. They will be responsible for all these items as their will be no sharing of supplies.

This is not an exhaustive list, but covers the most important elements of the new policies and procedures. If you have any concerns please contact our office via phone or email. We are more than happy to answer questions and address individual concerns.

We are committed to providing a fantastic summer program experience for every child.

By writing my name in the above box I am agreeing to the:

Photography Release Notification for Adults or Minor Children

I hereby authorize Montecito Heights Health Club & Spa to publish photographs taken of myself and/or the minor children participating in Montecito Heights Events and/or our Kids Camp. I understand and acknowledge that the photographs may be used on their web site and/or their social media sites.

I further acknowledge that participation is voluntary and neither I, nor the minor children will receive financial compensation. I acknowledge and agree that publication of said photos confers no rights of ownership or royalties whatsoever.