Change of Membership Status

Use this form if you would like to:
•    Change the number of people on your membership; either take family members off or add family members (there will be a cost to upgrade)
•    Change your membership type ie: regular hour or off hour. A $25.00 transfer fee will be applied to all changes in this category.
•    Change your membership type from a limited membership to a regular hour membership (an upgrade fee will be charged).

PLEASE NOTE: All membership changes can be made for 6 MONTHS. After 6 months have elapsed, an upgrade fee will be charged to return to prior status.
Seven (7) Day Notice: If you would like to change your membership status, please fill out the following and submit to bookkeeping at least 7 days prior to the month you would like this change to become effective. Requests for changes after this time may be subject to a $20 processing fee.

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