Flamingo Pool Reservations

Flamingo Pool Reservations

Flamingo Pool Reservation Details

Link to reservation system

  • Reservations can be book up to a week in advance. 

  • Reservations open at 8pm for 7 days out. For example, at 8pm on Tuesday, May 1, the system will release reservations for the following Wednesday, May 9. 

  • Members can have 3 reservations in a 7-day span. 

  • To book a reservation, each booking will require an active membership number. Please refer to your membership card for your member number (on the front of your card under your name). For those without a membership card, please contact the desk staff to get your number. 707-526-0529.
    Please note: some membership numbers have leading zeros. Please do not use these when booking your reservation. For example: your membership card reads 000123456, when booking your reservation, use only 123456

  • Each family member needs their own reservation. To reserve a spot for children withOUT an email address, please make up an email address that is different from your own. If you make a reservation for yourself using your email address, you can't use this address again for a child. 

  • Guests are allowed on a drop-in basis only as capacity allows. If you would like to bring a guest, please contact the club the day you want to use the pool to check availability. 

  • Cabanas are available for rent. Please click here for details