Frequently Asked Questions - Club Policies


Exceptions: Registered guests of the Flamingo Hotel or guests accompanied by a Health Club Member may use the club for a fee. Members of an IHRSA health club visiting from outside the area may also use the club for a daily guest fee (proof of membership is required).

In order to cancel your membership, the Club requires written notice at least 7 days prior to the month you want the cancellation to take effect . You must complete and sign a membership cancellation form, surrender all membership cards, and pay any outstanding account balance. Your cancellation will not be effective until the Club receives the signed and completed membership cancellation form, all membership cards, and required payments. After the effective date of your resignation, you will not be subject to any further dues.

Cancellation forms are available at the Front Desk or on our website. Once you’ve completed this form, please keep a copy for your records and give the original to us. You can drop it off at the front desk, mail or fax it to us.

Online form: Cancellation Form

Yes. Guests may use the Club only when accompanied by a member. They must register at the Front Desk each time they visit. A guest fee will also be charged each time a guest uses the Club. Guest fees are $15.00 for adults, $8.00 for children under 18 years. Children under 3 years are free. Fees for child care and/or additional programs may apply.

Please note: Montecito Heights requires all guests to complete a Guest Liability Waiver at the time of check-in. Club members are responsible for their guests’ conduct. The Club reserves the right to limit the number of guests a member may bring in and to adjust guest fees at any time.

All unregistered guests will be subject to a $30.00 fee automatically charged to the member's account.