Court Reservations and other info.

Court Reservations and other info.

How to make a court reservation online:

1.         Visit

2.         Click on “Member Login” (top right of homepage)

3.         Enter Login Name and Password.

a.         if you get this message - This email address does not match any email in our records. Please try again or contact the facility. - contact our membership or accounting department to update your email information and reset your login credentials.

4.         Click on “Make a Reservation” (left-hand column under Scheduler).

5.         Choose Date

6.         Select Preferred Time

7.         Choose Category (Tennis)

8.         Choose Service (Singles or Doubles)

9.         Choose Resource (select specific court(s) or all courts).

10.   Choose Duration (1.5 hrs max for Singles, 2.0 hrs max for Doubles)

11.   Select one of the available options (“Add to Cart”)

12.   Click on “Add Member to this Schedule” to include other player(s)

a.         Enter email address and check “add to buddy list”

b.         Click on Send Invitation

c.         Once an individual is added to your buddy list he/she will automatically appear on a list at top of the page for future reservations.

13.   Check details on “Current Schedule”.

Using a name of someone with whom there is no intention of playing or using a false name on the reservation sheet may result in an automatic thirty-day suspension from the courts.

Tennis Etiquette

1.     Please wait until the players have completed the point before walking onto any court.

2.     Be courteous to your neighbors and do not scream or talk loudly while on the courts.

3.     Throwing your racquet or using foul language is not allowed.

4.     Keep gum, food, and beverages (other than water) off the courts.

5.     Before leaving, be sure to pick up your belongings and place any garbage in the receptacles provided.

6.     We ask all players leave the court promptly when their time expires. If you desire an extension, please return to the Front Desk after your reserved time is finished.

7.     Please turn off cell phones before entering a court.

8.     If your ball rolls into the next court, do not run into the adjacent court to get your ball back. Ask politely for the ball to be returned. If a ball rolls onto your court, wait for the completion of the point before sending it back.

Tennis Dress Code

1.     Appropriate attire must be worn at all times.

2.     No swimsuits, cut-offs, or bare feet are allowed on the tennis courts.

3.     Regulation tennis shoes or non-marking soled shoes are required on the courts. Running shoes are not allowed on the tennis courts.

4.     Shirts are required while on the courts at all times.