Sacred Sunday Self Care - Soul Medicine

"Soul Medicine" the practice of incorporating self-love and compassion to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, followed by a relaxing Yin Yoga class and sound bath.

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Poolside Lunch at the Flamingo Resort 12:30-1:15p - prepare for the afternoon with a wholesome and staisfying lunch served on the lanai

$20 per person


Soul Medicine 1:30-3:00pm with Dr. Kimberly Karuna

$50 per person

Soul medicine is a therapeutic process that helps restore health to the mind and body by liberating the wounds within our soul that are derived from the toxic energies of guilt, shame, fear and unworthiness. By gaining access to the sacred medicine of love and compassion we are able to experience deep healing from the inside out.


We all have “soul wounds”. They are passed down from generations and compounded by the experiences that we have that make us question whether we have enough, do enough, or are enough as just we are. When we do not tend to these soul wounds, we experience “soul stress” which rewires our nervous system in a way that brings forth dis-ease and erodes our health and our happiness.

We can discover the wounds that lie within our souls by listening to the voice of the soul as it is expressed through the body. By staying connected to our hearts, our authentic feelings, and attuned to the sensations in our bodies, we can discover the meaning behind our symptoms and discover the invitation for deeper healing that lies beneath them.


When we incorporate soul medicine as an integral part of our healing journey, we receive the healing benefits of love and compassion and are able to return to a state of embodied wholeness. As we liberate our soul from our pain body, we experience a decrease in pain and discomfort in our physical body. As we liberate our souls from the beliefs that render us helpless and powerless, we free our minds so that we are no longer held in the grips of anxiety and depression.


Yoga & Sound Bath 3:30-5:00pm under the Tent at Montecito Heights Health Club 

$75 per person