21-Day Guided Detox

Spring Detox: Starts  April 9th  (must RSVP by March 28th)

Program Fee: $226 + $8.50 per meal for a total cost of $465

Among other benefits, a proper detoxification will offer you: Anti-aging, weight loss, clear skin and eyes, reduced allergy symptoms and increased productivity and clarity.


Group meetings
28 meal replacements
All necessary supplements
Fun and support

Coached by a certified nutrition consultant-Thais Harris

3 Meetings

1. Monday April 9th 7-8pm
During our first meeting I will prepare you for what's ahead. You will get meal plans, shopping lists, handouts and supplements.  We will talk about the importance of cleansing and what it means to undergo a detoxification. During the preparation week (day 1 to day 8) you will continue to eat regular meals (3 meals a day plus snacks) with a suggested menu for the week. We will remove toxic foods completely for this week, i.e. no gluten, sugar dairy, caffeine, nor alcohol.

2. Monday  April 16th 7-8pm Full Cleansing! From day 8 to day 21 of your cleanse you will drink two meal rplacement smoothies per day whil still eating one healthy balanced meal and wholesome snacks if needed (for a total of 28 meal replacements). The smoothies include protein and specific nutrients and herbs which fuel detoxification pathways and promote optimal liver function.

3. April 23rd 7-8pm Feeling Great. What's next? During our time together, you will have discovered many new foods and great meals, to incorporate this way of eating into your regular routine.