Secret Workouts

I admit guilt when it comes to shopping sprees where I may have spent a little more than I intended and thus brought the packages in the house when no one was looking-sttashed them under the bed until the coast was clear. Nothing major-just a few pairs of running shoes I probably didn’t need. Or maybe a cute little lululemon jacket that looks very similar to the other 7 black lightweight jackets in my closet. It’s not like I bought a car or major appliance without telling my husband…
But what about these folks who are hiding exercise from their spouse and/or families? I kid you not. I have running friends, members and clients who tell me they are hiding their exercise purchases from their spouse. Or ducking into the gym for a workout or a run in Annadel when they are supposed to be at work.  I know someone who tells her spouse that she is volunteering in her kid’s classroom when she is actually doing a boot camp class! I would not want to be around when daddy asks the kid “what did you and mommy do in class today?”!
Perhaps I am just very lucky to have a job that requires that I exercise and be fit and a husband who married me knowing that exercise comes before cooking, cleaning or yard work. What is it that makes us feel guilty about exercising? Why does it need to be hidden? Is there resentment or jealously coming from the other end that is causing the exerciser to feel bad about working out? I know I have an extremely tight bond with my running friends. I also see this same bond with many of our members in certain classes and groups at the club. This bond is a result of working hard together, sharing moments of misery and glory and the jubilation of completing a difficult task. To an outsider, this relationship is difficult to understand and to a spouse, can be threatening or just downright senseless. Thus, the problems arise.
I have some running friends who have solved this problem by getting their spouse on board with an exercise program of their own. They get the bug, meet some friends and form their own bonds. Everyone is happy. Until then, good luck with your clandestine workouts. Your secret is safe with me.

In good health,
Catherine DuBay