The Purple Stuff

In over 20 years that I have managed this club I am not sure if I have received more grief than the recent beating I have taken over the new purple product in the showers! "Disgusting!", "Yuck!", "Feels like the YMCA". A tough crowd indeed!
But, I, like many of you, use the showers every day at the club and I also appreciate a clean, nice smelling product. So, why, you ask, would we ever switch over to this purple shampoo/bodywash product that is (in many of yours opinion) neither clean nor nice smelling? And what was wrong with the old stuff?

Here's the story:
Over a year ago we experienced some strange smells coming out of our body wash (green stuff) and shampoo (orange stuff) in the men's showers. I mean really strange and very unpleasant smells. We assumed a bad lot of the product and threw it all away, cleaned out the dispensers and started fresh. The smell kept returned again and again and then turned up in the women's as well.
We assumed foul play as we had the foul smelling product tested and it appeared to be the same chemical makeup as a stink bomb! We zip tied all the containers. What a pain! Every night the cleaning crew had to unzip them, refill and re-zip.
The smell came back!!

Short of putting surveillance cameras in the showers (oh my!) we tried everything to figure out what was causing this to happen.
We decided to try a completely different product with no chemicals or added scents to see if this would eliminate the problem. No chemicals and no added scents equal Purple stuff that "stinks" because nothing has been added to it!  It smells much like the stuff in hospitals and clinics that medical staff uses. If you can bear with it a little longer so that we can see if indeed, using a product with less "stuff" in it will eliminate the stink, we will see if we can find some middle ground: less chemicals but maybe a lightly scented product.

Thank you to all of you who have provided your feedback about the purple stuff and for your patience while we have dealt with this very strange issue.

I need to write a book someday...

Catherine DuBay-GM