July 2020

Fitness Classes

Two Choices

Live Classes outside under the big tent and poolside

Virtual Classes from the comfort of your home (you will be redirected to Studios website to access these classes)

Fitness Class for Kids

With school returning online, we understand the mental and physical toll that the lack of physical education and movement can have on our children. That is why we are pleased to offer small group fitness classes for kids! Taught by our tennis pro, Nick Russillon, these classes will give your kids a much-needed break from the screen in a safe and fun environment. Nick totes a master’s degree in Sports Science and Physical Education as well as over twenty years of experience as a youth tennis coach and P.E. instructor.

Up to six children per class, ages 5-12

The Game of Montecito Life

The Game of Montecito Life will be played August 1st through August 31st.