About Us

About Us

About the Club
2777 4th St
Santa Rosa CA 95405

The entire staff of professionals at Montecito Heights Health and Racquet Club is committed to giving you the best possible experience. Our top-rated programs, services, and amenities will surely delight you and your family.

Montecito Heights Health Club opened in 1989 adjacent to the Flamingo Resort Hotel in Santa Rosa. 

The Management Staff
General Manager-Catherine DuBay
Runner, swimmer, Mom (two girls), Wife (Mark Mathewson), cycle instructor, Santa Rosa native, cancer survivor, SSU graduate, Montecito Heights staff member since 1989.
"I consider myself extremely lucky to have a job I love and look forward to coming to work just about every day. I enjoy seeing the members come in the doors in maybe not the best mood and then leave an hour later, after a great workout, feeling great about themselves and the rest of their day."

Group Exercise Director-Lisa Parducci
Instructor (Pilates & Barre), Cat lover (currently 3 cats), Sonoma County Native, Previous Business Owner (Railroad Square Workout).
"I love working at the club and started here in 1991. I have a talented staff of instructors making our Group Exercise Program diverse and unique.  I am thankful to be working and active in an area that is part of my life and lifestyle.

Bookkeeper-Janette Paule
Mom (1 daughter & 1 son), Wife (Stan), Photographer, Nail Technician, Former Travel Agent, Santa Rosa Native
"I love my job at the club and the chance to interact with so many people. Everyday is a new adventure and learning experience. The members are wonderful and the people I work make an accounting job so much better than it might otherwise be!"


To create an environment where people embrace

spiritual wellbeing and the adventure of life.
To make space in our lives and our properties for those we touch
to discover and find their flow.


    Engage guests and each other with
    integrity and purpose.
    Collaborate and trust each other in an
    energized rhythm of awareness.
    Seek ways to learn, innovate, and
    thrive with a curious heart.
    Serve our guests, and each other, in a
    respectful and courteous manner

Club History:
July 19, 1989 Montecito Heights Opened in Santa Rosa

1991: Our first expansion included remodeling the group exercise room and enclosing the upstairs balcony making it our cardiovascular area. The club welcomeD Lisa Parducci from RailRoad Sq. Workout to Montecito as Group Exercise Coordinator
1997: Our next expansion included expanding the women's locker room and child care. Also, we added our cardiovascular room downstairs
1999: Celebrated 10 year anniversary with a pool party. 85 of 100 charter members still at the club
2000: The Spa at Montecito Heights was built on the basketball court and a new basketball court was built adjacent to the Spa
Current sq. footage: approximately 20,000
2004: Our Indoor Cycling room was expanded and capacity increased from 10 to 19 bikes.
2005: A 25-meter, 5 lane lap pool was built on the east side of the club adjacent to the Spa
2005: Men's and Women's Locker Rooms completely remodeled
2006: Remodeled weight room and cardio room. New floors and new equipment
2007: Resurfaced and reconfigured Tennis courts
2009: Celebrated 20 year anniversary with pool party. 67 of original 100 charter members still at the club
2010: Purchased new bikes for cycle room
2011: Launched new club software and website
2012: Opened The Studios at Montecito; Indoor Cycling, Yoga and Xtend Barre
2014: Remodeled Lobby, Painted Exterior with new color and trim
2015: Changed logo and name of club and spa to Montecito Heights Health Club & Spa and Health Spa Montecito
2017: October 8 the Tubbs fire roared through the town and over 400 members and staff lost homes. The Club provided a refuge for many to charge phones, drink coffee, relax and spend time together to begin the healing process. 
2019: Point Hospitality purchased a share of the Hotel and Club and took over operations. Membership reached capacity and a wait list was created
2020: March 17; the club, studios and spa were closed due to Covid-19 until June 4, when the pools and tennis courts re-opened. A large outdoor tent was purchased and an outdoor gym and class room openend in the fall
2021: The club, spa and studios continued to follow Covid-19 guidelines and navigate through closures and mask mandates