Youth Swim Team


Coached by Travis Carranza 
Begins Feb. 8 2018

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sunday

White Group: Tu/Th: 5:00-5:30pm, Sun: 11:00-11:30am

Green Group: Tu/Th: 5:15-6pm. Sun:11:15am-12pm

Black Group: Tu/Th: 5:30-7pm, Sun: 11:30am -1pm

White Group - Must be able to swim 25 meters of freestyle (Max age of 8)

Green Group - Must be able to swim Freestyle, backstrock and one other stroke. Does not have to be perfect. (8-13yrs)

Black Group - (13yr - 20yr old)


Flat monthly rate includes all three weekly practices
(sorry, no drops ins)

Non member/member

White Group - $55/$45 per month

Green Group - $70/$60 per month

Black Group - $90/$75 per month

For more information please traviscarranza84 [at] gmail [dot] com (subject: Swim%20Team) (contact coach Travis) at traviscarranza84 [at] gmail [dot] com