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March 24, 2017
Sign Up Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing May 8th   Why Hydrostatic (Underwater) Body Fat Testing? As body fat testing, rather than simple scale weight, has become "the standard"... more
March 23, 2017
  Participate in Saturday hikes followed by three options for overnight back country backpacking. Chose some or all hikes. Starts May 27th 10am Cost $329 Find your way... more
March 03, 2017
Spring Cleaning: Starts March 27 (must RSVP by March 17) Program Fee: $226 + $8.50 per meal for a total cost of $465 Among other benefits, a proper detoxification will offer you:... more
March 03, 2017
Train for the Rodney Strong Monte Rio Triathlon June 4 Training for a triathlon can be a daunting idea. This program is designed to help you get to the finish line with a smile... more